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Kingdom Builders

At New Life Center, our heart is global and local. Our heart beats for the THOUSANDS of people that live in the inner city of Des Moines or communities below the poverty line who are without a church home, and the BILLIONS of people around the world who have yet to hear that Jesus loves them and longs to give them a future and hope.


Kingdom Builders is a way to express over-and-beyond generosity at NLC. We know God has been incredibly generous to us and we want to give so that others can experience the same freedom and joy that we ourselves have experienced. That is why we believe in Kingdom Builders, so people in Central Des Moines and around the world can hear that Jesus is for them!

2022 Goal : $30 Thousand

Kingdom Builders Is...

Global Missions

Kingdom builders gives us the opportunity to support our current missionaries as well as support key missions projects around the world. We desire to support every Iowa missionary. Every person, in every nation, deserves a chance to hear the gospel.

Local Missions

Kingdom builders is committed to funding the growth of the local church by expanding our campus, supporting local mission work and ministering to the hurting in our own backyard.

Future Leaders

We will risk everything for the next generation because they are the heartbeat of our church now and the Church of the future. Through Kingdom Builders we’re believing God to raise up world changers who are committed to love, serve, and give more.

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