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About Our Church

In August 1971 while in prayer the Lord called Helen Martin to begin the New Life Center outreach. This vision was shared with members of the prayer group and after several months of prayer and looking at property a large house was purchased at 1079 23rd Street. There was no money available at the time the offer to buy was signed but the Lord provided over $6,000 before the possession date and made a loan available at 6% interest. God's blessing was on the New Life Center from the beginning. In the midst of plastering and painting, people were coming to the New Life Center and experiencing salvation. The coffee house opened on January 8th, 1972 and since that date the ministry has expanded.​ New Life Center has been in existence and has made an impact in the community for 50 years.

Today many are asking "Is there hope for the future?" At New Life Center we are discovering that there is hope both for today and the future. The upheaval in our culture is creating many broken relationships and pain. Many are searching for reality in the midst of the confusion. All over the world as well as in Des Moines people are discovering that there is hope in Jesus Christ. New Life Center is committed to help both individuals and families come to a decision to receive what Jesus Christ offers in a change life. This is accomplished through the various services which we offer. Our commitment to you to help you discover how Jesus Christ can meet our needs.

Our Mission

"Therefore and go make disciples......"

                                               Matthew 28:19

Our Vision

Our church exist to HONOR God, LOVE People, SHARE Hope

Our Values

Authentic Relationships

Biblical Authority

Community Relevance

Intentionally Diverse


Inspired Prayer & Worship

Our DoctrineAs part of the fellowship of Assembly of God churches we ascribe to these 16 Fundamental Truths.

Our Team.


Christian Hines

Kids Pastor


Valarie Bower

Office Manager

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