Before our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven he said, “Go everywhere, tell everyone the Good News.” Additionally he said, “Go, make disciples of all nations.” At New Life Center, we take this very seriously. (Matthew 28:18-20)

One component of fulfilling this “Great Commission” is the sending of missionaries around the world to present the message of Jesus to all people.

New Life Center currently supports the following individual Missionaries:
Bill & Cindy Saak
Costa Rica, Latin America Caribbean
Darryl & Shawnette Hanan
Ken & Trudy Moekl
Tim & Doris Eckert
Indonesia, Asia Pacific
Kevin & Cindy Elder
Colombia, Latin America Caribbean
Jamie & Tasha Kemp
Indonesia, Asia Pacific
Ray & Cindy Hilsinger
Rick & Diane Lang
US Rural America
Ed & Linda Schlak
Ukraine, Eurasia
Bob & Barb VanWyk
Botswana, Africa
Marissa Price
France, Europe
Jennifer Oftedahl
Peru, Latin America Caribbean
Sandy Poe
Dominican Republic, Latin America Carribbean
Josh & Angela Allen
Netherlands, Europe
Francisco & Lisa Castillo
Victor & Lynn Diaz
El Salvador
Gage & Kathleen Bender
Steve Harris
Mary Beth King
Southern Asia
Jeremy & Tiffani White
Drake Chi-Alpha
Dan & Emily Quinby
UNI Chi-Alpha
ISU Chi-Alpha
Denver Dream Center
Royal Family Kids – DSM
Fellowship of Christian Athletes